Niall Trask GCSE | Director & Editor
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Selected clients: Monsanto, Pedigree Chum, Shell, Cheesestrings, BAE Systems, Nestle, Newscorp, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Sunny Delight, Huggies, Cambridge Analytica, Daddies Ketchup

"There is a pretty raw video for that and it’s a good one" Iggy Pop

''This is the The Weirdest Shit That's Appeared in Our Inbox All Year" Vice

"a beautiful way to chip off another crumb of faith in the goodness of humanity" Promo News

"the iconoclastic spirit of Derek Jarman" Promo News

“car-crash video content” The Guardian 

"Passer-by confused by giant sex toy suspended above McDonald’s" Daily Mirror

“what a wonderful video” Rory Stewart OBE

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