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Niall is an Anglo-American, Suffolk-born film director. His practice is rooted in self-deprecation as a passive aggressive defense mechanism to conceal his insecurities & lack of talent; often focusing on music videos for bands no one has heard of outside South London & making things up on the day of the shoot with a hangover. He is 1 of only 6 non-privately educated individuals working in the Brtish film industry. He is enrolled on the NFTS Covid Officer MA, fulfilling his childhood dreams of learning how best to stick a swab up a Focus Puller’s nose. Niall often feels deeply depressed, feeling that his work is becoming more and more banal as a means of paying rent, whilst being surrounded by Advertising & Marketing executives dressed in Carhartt. One day he will have the balls to become a landscape gardener but until then; you can use one of the links below to hire him.


Best Rock Video - Newcomer Nomination 
UK Music Video Awards 2018

"It’s a wicked video"
Iggy Pop

"There is a pretty raw video for that and it’s a good one" 
Iggy Pop

''This is The Weirdest Shit That's Appeared in Our Inbox All Year" 
Vice Magazine

"a beautiful way to chip off another crumb of faith in the goodness of humanity"
Promo News
"the iconoclastic spirit of Derek Jarman"
Promo News
“the film is a point-and-shoot gem”
The Guardian
“car-crash video content”
The Guardian 
"Passer-by confused by giant sex toy suspended above McDonald’s"
Daily Mirror


Amazon, BAE Systems, Cambridge Analytica, Cheesestrings, Daddies Ketchup, Exxon, Goldman Sachs, Huggies, Monsanto, Nestlé, Newscorp, Pedigree Chum, Sunny Delight, Warren from Meatraffle


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